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Education Planning

The cost of college is growing at rate faster than many other categories of American spending. This means that there's even more pressure on families to save for their children to reach the next stage in their lives.

The son of a Century Financial client browses his college library because his parents planned for his education with Century Financial advisors.

How do college plans work?

Every family has a different opinion on how they want to support their children's future. Some wish to completely fund it, others may wish to partially fund it, and then some may wish for their kids to find their own direction.

However you plan to participate, college might be paid for with:

  • Education savings plans

  • Brokerage accounts

  • Scholarships

  • Loans

  • Grants

  • Work studies

Why should I care?

Costs of college are growing rapidly. In addition, many young parents underestimate their ability to save in their child's older years, causing them a shortfall of education savings.

While there are other ways to pay for college like financial aid and student loans, a well-designed college savings strategy can give families more control over children's futures.

A young family enjoys a moment on the beach
Grandparents celebrate their college graduate grandson, a moment provided by education planning with Century Financial advisors.

What's in it for me?

Developing a college funding strategy early in your child or grandchild's life can:

  • Allow you to save less than if you waited longer

  • Leave more money for you to hit other financial goals

  • Prepare your kids for their next steps in life without them having to incur the burden of student loans

  • Bring you joy for providing a gift to someone you love

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Who is Century Financial?

Century Financial is a wealth management firm located in Germantown, Tennessee. Our financial advisors have about three decades of combined experience in asset management, financial planning, and other related services for clients in the Memphis area and beyond. Learn how you can grow and preserve your wealth with guidance from our team.


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