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Sunset behind the Memphis skyline, indicating that Century Financial advisors serves clients in the Memphis and Germantown area.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I expect from our first meeting?
    Our first meeting is essentially our "financial first date." We're going to interview each other to see if a mutually beneficial relationship is possible, based on your needs and goals. You get to ask us any question that you'd like, and we will provide straightforward answers and listen to what's important to you. If it makes sense, we might just have a "second date," and we'll walk through expectations moving forward.
  • In what areas of my financial life can you help?
    With all the resources and partnerships at our disposal, there’s not much we can’t assist you with in some way. We encourage our clients to ask for our help with anything that might impact their finances. That might mean preparing for retirement or education savings, but it could also mean refinancing mortgages, caring for aging parents, navigating a divorce, connecting with estate attorneys, and more. Our experience and network of professionals can help point clients in the right direction.
  • Are you a fiduciary?
  • I have a very busy schedule and it’s difficult to meet in-person every time. Do you offer virtual or phone appointments?
    At Century Financial, we offer appointments that fit your lifestyle. We offer in-person meetings at our office in Germantown, TN during normal business hours. We also offer video conferencing for those who prefer the convenience of technology.
  • I’m not too familiar with wealth management. Will you be able to explain unfamiliar topics to me in a way that’s easily understood?
    We understand that financial planning and managing investments can have intimidating topics for many clients. It’s our goal to provide education and guidance before suggesting that you make any changes to your situation. Whether you are looking for a basic overview of what we provide or you want to take a deep dive, we are always willing to offer clear and easy-to-understand conversation.
  • How much money do I need to retire?
    The truth is that the amount needed to retire varies for each client. There are many factors that make up what you will need to retire and these include your current and future spending habits, lifestyle choices, healthcare/long-term care costs, cost of living, taxes, supporting parents or adult children and housing costs to name a few. Inflation is silently lurking in the shadows as well, causing prices for goods and services to increase and purchasing power to decrease. Our team will work with you to determine your needs, create a customized plan and navigate the details.
  • How are your "services" and "relationship options" different?
    "Services" refer to the actual actions that we perform with you. "Relationship options" define the broader advice-based relationship that we'll have to carry out such services. People come to us for financial advice unique to their situation, and they're typically looking for a trusted partner with whom to share a long-term working relationship. The relationship option that we choose together will determine how we provide advice, which will determine what services we engage. Comprehensive wealth management is our most inclusive option, which provides both investment management and complete financial planning. This option utilizes every service available. Financial planning includes all services except investment management for accounts outside our firm. Investment management limits the scope of our relationship to the accounts we manage. Outside the scope of our relationship options, we offer services on an "a la carte" basis. For example, a client may be a comprehensive wealth management client, and in our process of working together, she discovers a need for additional life insurance. As independent professionals not captive to one company, we can help this individual find a life insurance solution that is in her best interest.
  • What relationship option is right for me?
    Our favorite compliance-approved answer to many questions: it depends. Let's say you have a goal to retire at 65, and currently you're 57. Investment management would be appropriate for the individual who already knows how much income to take, which accounts to draw down first, how they plan to claim Social Security, and maybe has a few old retirement accounts from previous jobs that we could manage together. Financial planning would be appropriate for a couple who has lots of concerns about retirement and how to make it work. They don't just want their investments to grow; they want a game plan for how it's going to work. Their biggest asset may be their company 401(k) plan or a business interest, which we couldn't manage yet, but we could certainly help this couple with a game plan for their next 8 years. Comprehensive wealth management would be appropriate for our clients who want both advice on how to invest their money and also how to manage all the other "retirement stuff," like claiming Social Security, navigating taxes, making income last as long as possible, preparing for unexpected health changes, preserving wealth for the next generation, and much more.
  • Are you available to answer my questions when I have them? Am I going to be billed every time I call you?
    Answering your questions doesn’t start a billing clock with us. Our engagement gives you access to our team however you may need. We are available by phone or email and committed to providing timely answers to your questions.
  • Why should I hire a financial advisor versus doing it myself?
    Though we’re a little biased and think you may benefit from working with us, we understand that some people have the skill and knowledge to manage their own wealth. However, many of our clients hire us because they’re uncomfortable with their own experience and knowledge about wealth management. Some may have the skills and comfort level to do so, but they simply don’t want to take the time necessary to become an expert on the subject.
  • What’s your investment philosophy?
    Our philosophy is to asset growth while managing risk. We seek to provide returns that align appropriately with how much risk you assume as the investor. In addition, we want to manage downside risks. Risk and reward go hand-in-hand, so we want to ensure that we optimize your returns without taking more risk than necessary to achieve them.
  • How do I view my accounts online?
    You will have convenient online access found on our website under the "Resources" tab. As part of our account opening process, our team of professionals will show you how you can view your accounts.
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