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Financial Planning

"Those who fail to plan, plan to fail." - Someone Smart

Financial planning is an ongoing process that seeks to answer pretty much every question you could have that has implications on your money. The "-ing" means that it's not just one document that's supposed to last your whole lifetime. Rather, if we do financial planning together, we may start down one path, but when life changes, it may be necessary to shift course.

An infogaphic explains Century Financial's financial planning services, which includes advice on cash flow planning, debt management, investments, risk management, retirement income, goal setting, equity compensation, tax planning, and estate planning.

What is Financial Planning?

Financial Planning is the management of a person's whole financial situation. The traditional money management approach may begin with an investment account or an insurance policy, but financial planning takes into account all financial challenges and decisions in someone's life.

Why should I care?

Having no financial plan is like setting course on a road trip from Memphis to Seattle without a GPS. You may generally know to head northwest, but a wrong turn could delay your trip or even send you the wrong direction.

Likewise, without a financial plan, you may not be achieving what you set out to achieve when you first started managing your money.

A hiker examines a map, symbolizing the roadmaps to financial goals that Century Financial advisors provide to clients.
Two people parasail on the beach, representing the freedom provided by financial planning with Century Financial advisors.

What's in it for me?

With a proper financial plan you get:

  • Organization to your financial picture

  • A clear vision of your next steps with money

  • Peace of mind that you have a strategy for both good and bad circumstances

  • Freedom to enjoy life with much less worry about money

Century Financial logo, which is a wealth management and financial planning firm in Germantown that serves clients in the Memphis area and online.

Who is Century Financial?

Century Financial is a wealth management firm located in Germantown, Tennessee. Our financial advisors have about three decades of combined experience in asset management, financial planning, and other related services for clients in the Memphis area and beyond. Learn how you can grow and preserve your wealth with guidance from our team.

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