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Insurance & Risk Management

Everyone builds their plan hoping that things go as intended, but a plan wouldn't be complete without factoring in a Plan B. A healthy financial situation is prepared for the unexpected.

An insurance policy document is visible, representing one of many risk management strategies available to clients of Century Financial.

How can I preserve my money?

Most people grasp the concept of insurance:

  • Life insurance: provides a death benefit for the surviving family

  • Disability insurance: provides replacement income when you have a long-term illness/injury

  • Long-term care insurance: designed to pay for costs that may not be covered by traditional health insurance

  • Health insurance: helps you avoid paying full market cost for healthcare

  • Annuities: can provide an income stream for life or for a fixed period

You can also manage risks in your money management:

  • Investment strategies that limit your losses

  • FDIC insurance on your stable money

  • Staying diversified (not putting all your eggs in one basket)

Disability income/long-term care/critical illness policies contain exclusions, limitations and/or reductions of benefits and terms for keeping them in force. We can provide you with costs and complete details.

Why should I care?

Leaving yourself or your loved ones exposed to financial risks could destruct even the best of plans.

You have goals and dreams. You may even see the finish line to achieving some of those goals. However, if you experience a financial loss while unprotected, your goals are in jeopardy.

A retired man kisses his wife on the cheek while on a walk at the beach.
A dad and his three children run through a field of flowers, representing the peace of mind afforded by Century Financial's insurance strategies.

What's in it for me?

At Century Financial, our team can help you with a wide array of risk management solutions. We are independent advisors, meaning that are not required to sell any one certain company's products.

Rather, we will search the entire marketplace for the risk management and insurance solutions that are in your best interest.

Century Financial logo, which is a wealth management and financial planning firm in Germantown that serves clients in the Memphis area and online.

Who is Century Financial?

Century Financial is a wealth management firm located in Germantown, Tennessee. Our financial advisors have about three decades of combined experience in asset management, financial planning, and other related services for clients in the Memphis area and beyond. Learn how you can grow and preserve your wealth with guidance from our team.


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