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Retirement Plan Rollovers

Many Americans save diligently for retirement through an employer-sponsored plan, like a 401(k). When you leave a job, you can take control of this old retirement account.

Two men are walking in the hall of a corporate office, representing that Century Financial helps its clients with employer-sponsored retirement plan rollovers.

What is a rollover?

As mentioned, when you leave a job, your old company retirement plan can be positioned in a way that better suits your needs. Your options on moving this account are:

  1. Leave the plan in its current place

  2. Move it to your new company's retirement plan

  3. Move it to an IRA

  4. Cash it out (and pay taxes & penalties)

The option in your best interest may not be the same as the option that's in someone else's best interest.  That's why it's important to communicate with a financial professional who can give you guidance.

Why should I care?

You might find these numbers to be CRAZY, but here's what people are forgetting when they change jobs:

  • 25% of 401(k) assets in existence are deemed "forgotten"

  • $56,500 - the average account size of a forgotten account

  • 29 million - total accounts that are considered lost

People are leaving literally TRILLIONS of dollars behind! Don't become the next astounding statistic.

A woman looks like confused because she didn't know how she could've forgotten her old 401(k) plan.
A retirement age man is fishing because he was able to take control of his old employer's retirement plan with the help of financial advisors at Century Financial.

What's in it for me?

Our wealth advisors can help you take control of your old accounts.  This will help you:

  • Stay organized as you plan for retirement

  • Ensure that your retirement accounts are invested appropriately

  • Pile more money before you retire

  • Make sure that your beneficiaries are current

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Who is Century Financial?

Century Financial is a wealth management firm located in Germantown, Tennessee. Our financial advisors have about three decades of combined experience in asset management, financial planning, and other related services for clients in the Memphis area and beyond. Learn how you can grow and preserve your wealth with guidance from our team.


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