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Osaic Wealth sign on exterior of a building

Osaic Wealth, Inc. is the independent broker/dealer of Century Financial. "What does 'broker/dealer' mean?" you may ask. 

As our broker/dealer, Osaic Wealth provides our team with a vast amount of resources, partnerships, and information to assist us in serving our clients.  They connect us with timely market research, asset management platforms, advanced financial planning expertise, and much more.  Our wealth advisors are representatives of Osaic, so when you have a relationship with us, you have a relationship with Osaic.

Some broker/dealers create their own investment and/or insurance products to serve their clients.  Osaic does not do this.  They are "independent," meaning they entrust their representatives to recommend financial solutions that fit each unique client situation, rather than providing incentives to use some products and services versus others.

Additionally, our relationship with Osaic is the choice of Century Financial.  There are other firms with whom we could choose to partner in serving our clients.  We intentionally choose to benefit our clients with the robust wealth management platform that Osaic offers us.

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