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Two men in suits in a business relationship, like the relationships that Century Financial offers to its clients.

Our Relationship Options

Access to advice that best fits your needs.

A Wealth Management Relationship Created for You

Our commitment is to offering financial guidance, however that best fits your needs.

Investment Management

You have a nest egg that needs to grow, and our team can help you find the solutions that are in your best interest. We'll work together each year to ensure that your accounts are optimal for each change in the economy.


The cost of this service is a percentage of the total assets under our management, billed quarterly to your investment account.  Generally, this percentage declines the more money we invest together.

Financial Planning

Some of our clients have not yet accumulated assets to invest, and they still want access to quality financial expertise.  Others want more than just growth in their portfolio; they want to know they're making the right financial choices.

We offer a "fee-for-service" model for such situations.  We charge a percentage of your income instead of your assets for this service.

Wealth Management

Investment Management + Financial Planning


Most of our clients come to us for both investment advice AND financial planning guidance. After all, investments are the engine that make the financial plan happen!

For this type of relationship, we manage investments for a slightly higher percentage of assets than the stand-alone investment management model. You receive a written financial plan in addition to ongoing asset management.

Ready to Take the Next Step Toward Financial Independence? That’s Where We Come in.
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